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The Future is
Embedded Intelligence

The Future is
Embedded Intelligence

izifin is an Artificial Intelligence focused Embedded software provider, empowering all businesses, in spite their size or sector, in leveraging data to better serve their customers

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  • check Automate assessment & decision processes
  • check Actionable insights and analytics on all products
  • check Real-time Dashboard & Reporting
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With izifin You Get

Easy-to-use solutions for the internet age which includes:

more customer data

More customer data

You can gain depth of customer data by owning the end-to-end process

additional revenue stream

Additional revenue stream

The payments and loans process becomes revenue generating as you control the transaction

more efficiency for customers

More Efficiency For Customers

Intelligence led process automation means less manual intervention and more efficiency

Convenient for Customer payments

Convenient for Customer payments

The payment process is more convenient as there are fewer touch points

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

Since you control the customer experience end-to-end, customers are not redirected

Better Insights

Better Insights

Improved data access means more insights and data driven decisions

Business Dashboards

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reporting

Real-time insights about your business, customers, and relevant KPIs at your fingertips with our customised Business Intelligence Dashboard

Credit decision

Credit Decision Engine API

A Credit Decision Engine, using historical customer data to automatically assess their credit worthiness and what they can afford in monthly/weekly repayments

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business dashboard

Engagement Digital Wallet

Digital wallet enabling more customer engagement, rapid payments for products and services, discounts & rewards to increase sales, and even overdraft and lending capabilities to expand product offerings


Market Leads Prioritisation

Using customer engagement data, particularly during the onboarding process, we are able to provide an automated prioritisation engine, to improve customer acquisition and conversion rates


Customer Email Categorisation

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques are used to analyse the emails and attachments, auto-generating categories for the customer's request


Embedded intelligence is not just for large corporations. izifin was born out of the desire to offer SMEs a suite of artificial intelligence driven products with simple API integrations, to expand on their existing business propositions to their customers.

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